For couples, partners and individuals

Psychosexual or Sex Therapy is based on cognitive-behavioural techniques, and involves talking therapy and home-based tasks.

What issues can I help you with?

I work with a wide range of sexual problems, including low libido, erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, vaginismus, dyspareunia, problems reaching orgasm, compulsive sexual behaviours, and other sexual difficulties.

What happens in sex therapy?

The first few sessions are taken up with a thorough assessment, a full sexual history take, which is therapeutic in itself,  and a formulation which sets out the various factors playing into the problem.  At the end of the formulation session we set goals together of what you want to achieve, and then I set home-based exercises according to what has been discovered during the previous sessions.  After that the number of sessions varies according to how you progress with the exercises, and what feedback you bring back to me. 

If you are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours we will do an assessment for that, and work to discover any unhelpful triggers.

How long are the sessions?

One session is 55 minutes in an hour’s slot, or you can book 85-minute sessions in a 90-minute slot for couples and partners by prior arrangement.  The history take process is done individually with each partner, and will often take 2 or 3 sessions each.


Contact me for your free short introductory Zoom or telephone call.  During this session we can talk briefly about your issues, you can get a feeling for how I work, and ask any questions you need to.  I may take your name and brief contact details, and you can then decide whether to progress to therapy. 

Once we have booked our first session together, I will send you my terms and conditions in contract form.  If you wish to proceed, I will arrange to take payment for the first session in advance.  Payment for the first session, and attending the first session, will deem you to have accepted the terms and conditions of my contract.


Mobile:  07518 057833